Free Watercolor Tutorial: Northern Winter

Free Watercolor Tutorials

I have already used this building ensemble of an imaginary old North German farm as a motif in somewatercolors. I have combined here an old longhouse in front and a barn, because I found it more exciting for the picture structure than the individual building. For me, that’s one of the freedoms I like about painting. Reality can be our inspiration, but what we make of it in our minds and then on paper or canvas is up to us. In this little winter watercolor, for the first time, I managed to find a simple realization for the half-timbering, which I previously thought was complicated, reduced to the essentials and not really sticking to historical details. I probably succeeded in this because here too, by internalizing the motif over time, I was able to separate myself from the original reference. Working with the white surface of the roofs as…

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