Work in progress…

3rd wash from this morning. I hate it when i am not able to finish a watercolor in one session – but it is what it is. Still work in progress. Der dritte Schritt von heute Morgen. Ich hasse es, wenn ich es nicht schaffe, ein Aquarell in einer Session durchzumalen – aber es ist so wie es ist. Immer noch nicht fertig.

Finally: working on a bigger sheet again!!! After the paper stretching failed 3 times it finally did work with the 4th try (The sun came out and i could fix it on the balcony like i am used to do) This sheet of Hahnemühle has seen so much water already ( 4 times 20 minutes in the bath-tub ) – i really feel for torturing it a lot more!!!
Endlich: wieder auf einem großen Blatt malen!!! Nachdem das Papierspannen (wahrscheinlich wegen der hohen Luftfeuchtigkeit) 3 mal in die Hose gegangen war hat es beim vierten Versuch endlich geklappt. Die Sonne kam plötzlich raus und ich konnte das wie gewohnt auf dem Balkon machen. Dieses Blatt hat schon so viel Wasser gesehen (4 x 20 Minuten Badewanne) – mir ist danach, es noch eine Menge mehr zu ´quälen´! 🙂

The second wash from last night. Der zweite Schritt von gestern Abend.
1st wash / Schritt 1

10 thoughts on “Work in progress…

    1. Thanks so much, Aletha! The sun´s appearance was just a short visit – the rain came back yesterday and did not end yet. When i take pictures of the single stages it means that i am loosing the picture. If i would be really in to it there would be no time to take pictures. I lost the´flow´with this one – but i try to finish it and learn.

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      1. Lost the flow — that’s no fun — but there was a benefit here — to us, the other artists, getting to see some of the stages of your process.

        There is, like you say though, something to learn when the flow disappears, when you have to find a way into the painting again. So always one is learning something.


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