Free Expressive Watercolor Workshop

Free Watercolor Tutorials

Warm welcome! I’m Carsten Wieland, a passionate watercolor artist and your creative coach and course leader in this online workshop Watercolor – Fast & Spontaneous “I’ll take my freedom”. This is a short version of my 12 hour (4days) online-workshop I did live for Lukas Paints`160th anniversary from 2022 May, 17 – May, 20. I borrowed the title from my live workshops at boesner and at the Kunstfabrik Hannover. Since I had so many inquiries from all over Germany and other countries around the world about my workshops, I decided to offer them online now. Because the complete program of my 3-day live workshops is not so easy to transfer to an online format, I came up with four modules that build on each other, but are also fun (and meaningful) individually. For me, the lively and expressive watercolor is in the foreground, which is not necessarily about perfection, but…

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