Impressions from my watercolor workshop

I love it to motivate people in my workshops to try painting more bold and loose. Here are a few impressions from my latest workshop in Düsseldorf. My students have been very motivated – and so it was a pleasure to paint with them.

Ich liebe es, Menschen in meinen Workshops zu motivieren, mutiger und lockerer zu malen. Hier ein paar Impressionen von meinem letzten Aquarellworkshop in Düsseldorf. Meine Schüler waren sehr motiviert – und so war es eine Freude, mit ihnen zu malen.

Die nächsten Kurse: boesner Witten, 13.09.2022 – Aquarell – schnell & spontan!
boesner Münster, 08.10.2022 – Aquarell – schnell & spontan!
boesner Düsseldorf, 29.10.2022 – Aquarell – schnell & spontan!
boesner Witten, 31.10.2022 – Aquarell – schnell & spontan!

3 thoughts on “Impressions from my watercolor workshop

  1. Looks like you all have a lot of fun. By the way, my daughter has been studying German, Carsten. She reads books and listens to Youtube videos of “man on the street” interviews, and similar things. She’s getting pretty good at it!

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  2. I, too, am energized when I can share or explain or influence someone in the arts. It’s like electric current. And I’m sure your students love every minute learning from you, as you love every minute you spend painting. Even when things swing way out to left field they always come back with a big lesson behind them!

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