Watercolor Workshop – Fast & Spontaneous

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Watercolor Workshop – Fast & Spontaneous / Carsten Wieland

I re-painted my demo from the workshop in Osnabrück for you at home (the effect is a little different because I used the cheap Allegretto paper from Hahnemühle in the video and not the satin Fabriano Artistico).

I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel and leave some thumbs ups. https://www.youtube.com/c/CarstenWielandWatercolors

Anyone who is interested in my books can now find them as e-books on Etsy, Amazon and some in printed versions on my website (see links below). We especially recommend Werkbuch:Aquarell 1, Aquarelle In Minuten and the series Aquarelle-Saison, which is dedicated to a season with some motifs. In addition, a workshop was recently published in book form and as a video: “Sunflower Your Life!” is all about expressive painting of flowers – since for me it was what opened up completely new horizons for my painting, it was…

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