Winter Sunflowers

I know that there are no sunflowers in winter – I just tried to imagine how they would look like if they would exist. A loose watercolor on 150 g Fabriano Ingres paper.

Ich weiß, dass es im Winter keine Sonnenblumen gibt – ich habe nur versucht, mir vorzustellen, wie sie aussehen würden, wenn es sie gäbe. Ein lockeres Aquarell auf 150 g Fabriano Ingres Papier.


Here is my watercolor-therapy against the dark winter blues… My new watercolor workshop is here! 6 hours of video and the 136-page book are entirely dedicated to expressive sunflower painting. Exactly the right thing to bring yourself a little light on gray winter days. SUNFLOWER YOUR LIFE!

Ebook & Video available here:

Bring light into your winter days! Sunflower Your Life with expressive floral paintings! Easy to follow – loads of loose watercolor joy! Learn how to develop your individual loose brushstrokes. 6 projects from start to finish Chapters cover arrangement, art-materials, practices, sketching and expressive watercolor painting.

„Floral expression watercoloring became my daily therapy and a wonderful chance to sharpen my individual painting style. This workshop takes a special focus on individual brushwork, which is in my eyes the key to satisfying watercolor painting.“ – Carsten Wieland

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