Free Watercolor Tutorial – Sketch 2 Rise of the Blizzard

2nd part of the “Rise of the Blizzard” watercolor-tutorial. #freewatercolortutorials – on wordpress, facebook, instagram

Free Watercolor Tutorials

Here is my 2nd sketch for preparation of this scene. I concentrated on the abandoned building here but even more on an expressive painting style with lively brushstrokes. I did only use Indigo paint to realize this huge format sketch on Fabriano Ingres paper. I used a few different brushes here to vary my brushstroke a little bit.

Again I start to sketch the building with a few expressive lines in watery Indigo. The brush is a pretty huge and heavy synthetic brush designed by Lineo together with the WCC (WaterColorClub). It takes up a lot of paint & water and is great for almost everything – from fine but expressive lines to larger washes.

I try to set a few lines with my eyes closed. That helps me to get more feeling for the brush – sometimes the result looks better to me than having full visual control. The…

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