Free Watercolor Tutorial – Rise of the Blizzard

Free Watercolor Tutorials

Depending on my job shifts I have more or less time to paint – this January it is less. Best thing form e to get through these poor days is to paint quick and full of expression. One of my main goals in watercolor painting is to develop my personal brushstroke and expression. My paintings don´t have to be perfect –but full of life and feeling. It is essential to keep the brush in motion even if I don´t have too much time to paint. These monochrome practices are a perfect training to do so.

The quick watercolor is based on a watercolor sketch from 2016. When I discovered the sketch again I thought it would be nice to re-paint it in a larger format. Re-paint does not mean to paint a copy to me – it means a new interpretation of the motive driven by my mood of the…

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