Yellow flowers – daily watercolor

Today in my daily watercolor video: yellow flowers – inspired by lillies but painted with loose brushstrokes and a lot of #floralexpression. Have a wonderful Sunday!

#DancingBrushes Vivid Watercolor Timelapse #carstenwieland Seas2 005

Heute in meinem täglichen Aquarell-Video: gelbe Blumen, von Lilien inspiriert, aber mit lockerem Pinselstrich gemalt und einer Menge #floralexpression. Schönen Sonntag!

#FloralExpression-Watercolor Improvisation – 115_2021 Watercolor/ FABRIANO® Ingres paper, ca. 70 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 13.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862-paints Lukas Farben

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