#worldwatercolormonth – Daily watercolor no.31 Carsten Wieland – Dancing Brushes

Celebrating the #worldwatercolormonth I am going to present a timelapse watercolor painting any day of July from my daily practice.
All shown paintings are free improvisations in pure watercolor, done without any preparing sketches – just from the mind to the paper.
Painting, music & video by Carsten Wieland, 2021
Using paints from Lukas Aquarell 1862 / @Lukasfarben

Zur Feier des #worldwatercolormonth werde ich jeden Tag im Juli ein Zeitraffer-Aquarell aus meiner täglichen Praxis präsentieren.
Alle gezeigten Malereien sind freie Improvisationen in purem Aquarell – entstanden ohne vorbereitende Skizzen – einfach vom Kopf aufs Papier.
Malerei, Musik und Video: Carsten Wieland, 2021
Ich verwende Farben von Lukas Aquarell 1862 / @Lukasfarben

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4 thoughts on “#worldwatercolormonth – Daily watercolor no.31 Carsten Wieland – Dancing Brushes

  1. I am so happy to have found you. I have a double major BA in art and education.
    At time in college- no exposure to watercolor media. Over last 20 years I continued to dabble….I want my style! I enjoy watching you and hope that your influence can help me find my watercolor style. You have given me so many ideas.. it’s time for me to stop staring at a blank canvas…. And just do it! Thanks terri

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