My Watercolor Demo at Fabriano Festival

My demo is now online here. Don´t miss all the other great watercolor artists presented at the FabrianoInAcquarello festival on YouTube.

Meine Demo ist jetzt hier online. Verpasst nicht all die anderen großartigen Aquarellkünstler, die beim FabrianoInAcquarello-Festival auf YouTube präsentiert werden.

Hi Everybody …
… and watercolor greetings from Germany.
It is 2021 and it is the second year we cannot meet in Fabriano at the fabulous watercolor festival.
At least I can contribute a little video demo to this year´s online event and I am so grateful to Anna and her team that they make this possible.
In 2018 I was invited to paint in front of a live audience in Fabriano and I will never forget this event, because it was a wonderful experience and changed my life forever. It was my very first painting demo and I was just a bloody beginner. But when the small band started to play some beautiful music in the background I realized that it inspired me double and changed my way of painting. I don´t miss a chance to paint for an audience since then and started to create my own music to support my painting.

Everything in my art seems to be inspired by nature and so it is in this little demo that I prepared for you. I spent much more time to compose the music you are going to hear although it is just made to inspire my painting process and bring me into the groove for my watercolor improvisation.

I did choose a simple motive for my demonstration to be able to improvise and experiment while painting – because I don´t like to show the perfect watercolor but the joy of freestyle painting without any rules than having fun. I started to compose a new music score for my demo in February and when I had the final result of about 1 hour of music at the beginning of April I decided to make the demo my 1st painting after a longer break.(I was not able to paint all through March because of a change in my job schedule – which was terrible, because watercolor is the only working therapy I know!)

I like to let myself go when I paint. I don´t look for perfection but for a great experience when I dip my brushes into the watercolor paints. Most of it happens by chance and painting watercolors feels best for me when I am not fixed on a certain result.

The original plan was to paint live with and for you in Fabriano and the music would have been more grooving and swinging then. It became a bit more slowly and sometimes moody now – paying tribute to the common situation. I hope you don´t mind.

I hope you will enjoy my demo and I´d like to thank you for watching. I recommend headphones for the full experience. If you listen to my music you may realize that it is build similar to my watercolors. I start with a single note and add layer after layer until the space is filled with layers of sounds that harmonize.  
But talked enough now… happy painting! And I hope to see you all in Fabriano 2022!

Oh, and I would like to say hello to my friends in Vallemontagna up in the hills above Fabriano who welcomed me so nice in 2018 & 2019 and made my visits to Fabriano even more enjoyable than it already was. I miss you guys – always feeling a little bit homesick I hope we can hike through the mountains again next year.

Watercolor, Video & Music: Carsten Wieland
Voices: The Birds
Paints: Lukas Aquarell 1862
Paper: Fabriano Designo 70 x 50 cm m 300g/m2 – 1026 – cadmium yellow light 1047 – real orange 1092 – real pink 1094 – purple 1136 – ultramarine dark 1134 – Prussian blue 1118 – cyan (primary) 1168 – cobalt turquoise 1039 – Terra di Siena natural 1109 – Terra di Siena burnt 1184 – Paynes gray – Schmincke Gouache White
Brushes: Lineo Watercolor-Club Flatbrush Size 50 / da Vinci SPIN Flatbrush Size 30;20;10 / Chinese Calligraphy brush / A.Castagnet rigger-brush / a few smaller Flat.brushes

Watercolor Improvisation – 024_2021 Watercolor/ FABRIANO® “Disegno 5” fine, ca. 70 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 13.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862-paints @LukasFarben #Lukasfarben #Lukasaquarell #Lukaswatercolors #brushparkwatercolors #carstenwieland Watercolors and much more:

Here you find the program for Fabriano In Acquarello 2021:

Hier findet Ihr das Programm für Fabriano In Acquarello 2021:

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