Free Watercolor Tutorial – The Nighttrain

A new Free Watercolor Tutorial. I would be so happy about your comments, like or subscriptions. Happy Painting!

Free Watercolor Tutorials

This was my very first watercolor in 2021 – painting started at 0:20am 2021, 01, 01 while I had to work in the nightshift. It was great that I had time to do that because I think it is great to start the new year with something you really like. I painted this on Daler Rowney´s smooth Aquafine paper – a hot-press paper with a smooth surface. I was not interested in showing all the details of a vintage steam train – it was more about the impression of a train racing through a cold night into a – hopefully – better new year. I was also looking for an almost monochrome look with only a few extra color spots to underline the vintage look. I was pretty happy with the result (which is a rare feeling – to be honest 🙂 ) because I achieved the looseness I was…

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