2021-01-06 Day Of Infamy – Watercolor

It does not happen to often that I paint a watercolor that has a current reference. But that most terrible day of the youngest US history has forced me to paint something related to it. I think the last painting with current reference was the burning of Notre Dame in Paris.

I have never been a fan of Trump and he even played a big role in getting divorced from my American wife (she became a flaming Trump supporter when he was starting into the US elections – meanwhile she has been healed) – but everything that happened since he lost the 2020 election was just too much. Only thing I hope is that he is going to jail after this criminal career – or may be he is going to take the 1st flight of a human to Mars. I hope there is still a chance to bring America back to something great that it has been. Hope dies last.

This watercolor was painted during the night after the assault of US Capitol by Trump´s idiots.

“2021-01-06 Day of Infamy” – 004_2021 Watercolor/ FABRIANO® “Disegno 5” fine, ca. 70 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 13.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862-paints @LukasFarben #Lukasfarben #Lukasaquarell #Lukaswatercolors #brushparkwatercolors #carstenwieland Watercolors and much more: https://www.wieland-fineart.com/shop/

Tag der Schande – Aquarell

Es kommt nicht oft vor, dass ich ein Aquarell male, das einen aktuellen Bezug hat. Aber dieser schrecklichste Tag der jüngsten US-Geschichte hat mich gezwungen, etwas zu malen, das dies thematisiert. Ich denke, das letzte Gemälde mit aktuellem Bezug war der Brand von Notre Dame in Paris.

Ich war noch nie ein Fan von Trump und er spielte sogar eine große Rolle bei der Scheidung von meiner amerikanischen Frau (sie wurde eine flammende Trump-Anhängerin, als er in die US-Wahlen eintrat – inzwischen ist sie geheilt) – aber alles was geschehen ist, seit er die Wahl 2020 verloren hat, ist einfach zu viel. Ich hoffe nur, dass er nach dieser kriminellen Karriere in den Knast geht, wo er meiner Meinung nach schon lange hingehört – oder vielleicht kann man ihn einfach als ersten Menschen auf den Mars schießen. Ich hoffe, es gibt immer noch eine Chance, Amerika zu der großartigen Nation zurückzuführen, die sie einmal war. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

Dieses Aquarell wurde in der Nacht nach dem Angriff von Trumps Idioten auf das US Capitol gemalt.

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17 thoughts on “2021-01-06 Day Of Infamy – Watercolor

  1. I respectfully disagree with you on the politics; though I do agree it would be extremely difficult to be married to someone of the opposite party! I am a conservative but would never condone the acts of violence on our capitol. I try not to lump any one group of people all together, but I do worry that the Democrats in power want to turn this country socialist- and that’s just not what we’re about!
    But either way, your painting is excellent. Respect.

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    1. I am glad and grateful for your comment. I think it is so important that different opinions can be outspoken and discussed without any hate. There is nothing wrong with conservative opinions for me and the Republican Party has done so many and important things for the United States. Unfortunately a lot of their members have given up their conservative ideals to support an egomaniacal extremist who sacrifices the unity of the nation for his personal gain. I have a problem with extremists of all kinds because they don’t work for their country but only for their personal gain. I don’t think you must be afraid that the Democrats will bring socialism to the US – Joe Biden is not Bernie Sanders – but the US would also be good for a little more equal opportunities for everyone again. In my opinion this has nothing to do with the definition of political socialism but with a working democracy, and it would probably help to unite the wonderful nation again and make it possible to concentrate on important tasks again. As the oldest democracy in the world, the USA also serves as a role model for the rest of the world – however, the last four years seemed more like a step backwards into monarchy to me, based on lies, corruptness and a lot of criminal energy. The Democrats are certainly not the absolute saviors either, but at least they have the unity of the nation on their agenda and want to finally take up the fight against the pandemic instead of denying it. The Republicans, on the other hand, are divided into two irreconcilable camps by the previous president and are currently unable to conduct effective politics. Anyway, I love the United States and I hope that you will find solutions to all of the internal problems – no matter who will lead the country in the future. It is about time to make America great again – but Isolation and inner conflict don´t seem to be the propiate way to me.

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      1. Think you for responding positively, I was kind of holding my breath after I left that comment because you are probably the first Democrat who has ever responded in that way without lashing out or unfriending or something else equally extreme! We could easily go back-and-forth but part of my motivation in creating my blog was to get away from politics. I was a member of another writer’s website called fan story and it was really neat, but I felt like it was battered and deep fried in politics almost as much as Facebook (which I also recently deleted)! So I am enjoying that neutrality in blogging. I just want people to be able to put politics aside and enjoy the things that we have in common! But I appreciate your response for sure 🙂

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      2. Normally I wouldn’t post anything about American politics on my blog or on Facebook, because I actually think politics has nothing to do with my watercolor blog or social networks. But a “president” trying to instigate a civil war, even for me, is too much to keep my mouth shut. In my opinion, what is currently happening in the USA no longer has much to do with politics- it is just very very bad for a country.
        I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am just concerned. And that’s enough with this little discourse – let’s go back to the beautiful things in life and let other people smash their heads.


      1. I think Don Dump is standing in bullshit knee-deep himself. Alone all the Russian Mafia guys owning apartments in the Dump-Tower… But he seems to be good in paying payola. But enough of this …. sooner or later he will be an apendix in history books.

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