Let the good times roll – Watercolor

After the my 1st watercolor sketch in 2021 I wanted to try another vintage locomotive. The goal was expression instead of technical realism. During painting I got the feeling that the composition does not work too good. But the painting process was fun when I decided to paint more bold. The title is more or less ironic . I don´t belong to the people who think everything was better in the past. 🙂 But I think I tend a little bit to being nostalgic.

“Let the good times roll” 002_2021 Watercolor / Fabriano Artistico hot-press – ca. 76 cm x 56 cm / 29.9´ x 22.0´ in / , Lukas Aquarell 1862- paints @LukasFarben #Lukasfarben #Lukasaquarell #Lukaswatercolors #brushparkwatercolors #carstenwieland Watercolors and much more: https://www.wieland-fineart.com/shop/

Nach meiner ersten Aquarellskizze im Jahr 2021 wollte ich eine andere Oldtimer-Lokomotive ausprobieren. Das Ziel war Ausdruck statt technischer Realismus. Beim Malen hatte ich das Gefühl, dass die Komposition nicht so gut funktioniert. Aber der Malprozess hat Spaß gemacht, als ich mich entschied, mutiger zu malen. Der Titel ist mehr oder weniger ironisch. Ich gehöre nicht zu den Leuten, die denken, dass in der Vergangenheit alles besser war. 🙂 Aber ich glaube, ich neige ein bisschen dazu, nostalgisch zu sein.

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11 thoughts on “Let the good times roll – Watercolor

  1. Are you crazy? It’s beautiful! We are definitely our own worst critics, that’s why I think it’s so great to be involved with other bloggers for support. So let me be that for you today 🙂
    I love this painting. I mostly do fluid painting, but one of my goals is to learn watercolor this year!

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    1. Of course I am crazy – would I paint and post it if I were not crazy!? LOL! Thank you so much, Markie. I am pretty self critical about my art, but that is okay – because it is a motor. I hope you are going to have a lot of fun with watercolor, because for me it is the most beautiful medium to paint.


  2. I definitely will, but it’ll be on my Green Gemini page. I created South Paw Poet originally to help market my novel; agents and publishers like to see that you have a way of promoting your work. But it was so fun I created the other page for recipes, craft ideas and paintings! I have the different galleries on there is pretty neat.

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      1. Awesome! I have a lot going on right now I don’t get to the studio very frequently but I will at some point! But I’d love for you to check it out and see some of my other works. it’s pretty fun!

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