Christmas Light Online Fest

Here is my little contribution to the Christmas Light Online Fest. I am grateful that I can part of it. I would be very happy about your thumbs (up) on YouTube. Take care , stay healthy. Have a nice Christmas time in spite of these crazy days.

Hier ist mein kleiner Beitrag zum Christmas Light Online Fest. Ich bin dankbar, dass ich dabei sein darf. Über Eure Daumen (nach oben) auf YouTube würde ich mich riesig freuen. Passt auf Euch auf, bleibt gesund. Trotz allem eine schöne Weihnachtszeit.

Step by Step – International Foundation Contemporary Watercolor Art

Dear friends!Dear participants of the Christmas Light project!I am pleased to announce the opening of an online festival as part of the Christmas Light project.Using the link below you can go to our YouTube channel and enjoy all the demonstrations of skill from our members.…In five days, according to the results of the number of likes on the YouTube channel under each video, one demo video will receive a Special Prize. Enjoy great demos from our members and cast your votes on the videos you like. (at the moment, several video files are in the process of uploading to the channel. In a few hours the upload will be fully completed, we apologize for the inconvenience :))For 2 months of accepting works, we received more than 300 works from artists from 45 countries of the world.Below you will find a list of project participantsWe are grateful to you, dear friends, for the wonderful mood that your wonderful works gave everyone.According to the results of the voting of the jury commission, a decision has not yet been made, and we are extending the voting time. I ask you to treat this moment with understanding, and while everyone is waiting for the results of the project, enjoy the galleries of the works of all participants at the link below.…/christmas-light-project…/The results of the project will be announced on December 20 at 20:00Also on December 20, a list of artists will be announced, whose works are invited to take part in the exhibition in Gdansk.Congratulations to all dear friends!Best wishes, fund team

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