New Book: The Beauty Of Abandoned Places – Watercolors 2015 – 2020

I would like to introduce my new watercolor-book to you. This was a very important project for me.

New Book: The Beauty Of Abandoned Places – Watercolors 2015 – 2020 Abandoned houses were the inspiration that made me start painting watercolors. And they are still my most important motive. In my watercolors I am searching for the beauty behind their moldering planks. This book collects the best of my abandoned houses paintings from the first sketches in 2015 to the latest watercolors from 2020 on 196 pages. Regular print in A5 format. Book DIN A5 , Hardcover 4/0-colors / Content: 196 colorful pages (4/4-colors / 210 x 148 mm – printed on 100 g paper… Also available: Deluxe Edition in double size (A4):…

Ich möchte Euch gerne mein neues Aquarell Buch vorstellen. Das war mir ein sehr wichtiges Projekt.

Neues Buch: Die Schönheit verlassener Orte – Aquarelle 2015-2020

Verlassene Häuser waren die Inspiration, die mich dazu brachte, Aquarelle zu malen. Und sie sind immer noch mein wichtigstes Motiv. In meinen Aquarellen suche ich nach der Schönheit hinter ihren zerfallenden Brettern. Dieses Buch sammelt die besten Gemälde meiner verlassenen Häuser von den ersten Skizzen im Jahr 2015 bis zu den neuesten Aquarellen aus dem Jahr 2020 auf 196 Seiten. Reguläre Ausgabe im Format A5. Buch DIN A5 quer, Umschlag: Hardcover 4/0-farbig / Inhalt: 196 farbige Innenseiten (4/4-farbig) / 210 x 148 mm – gedruckt auf 100 g Papier… Ebenfalls erhältlich: LUX Version im doppelten Format (A4):…

9 thoughts on “New Book: The Beauty Of Abandoned Places – Watercolors 2015 – 2020

  1. Congratulations, Carsten! This looks like an exquisite Monograph of your wonderful work. The Architecture And feel of abandoned places has an eternal and living character in its memory, and you embrace and express that wonderfully in your paintings.

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      1. You’re welcome. I figure that if Morticia and her exquisite excellence would live there, it’s good for me, too. I love the stories they tell, the mystery, the full-on unknowns. I’m comfortable with Shadow, with the not-knowing. Many aren’t. There is an intensity, Ike Nature itself, in places where Nature has re-entered abandoned houses that were formerly Temples of (Wo)Men.

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  2. Oh, Carsten, I moved you up to the top of this week’s Serendipity Itineraries post that comes out on Friday, and made sure to put a mention in bold linked to this post to promote your book. 20 Euros is a great price for a monograph of this caliber. I hope I can bring you some traffic to get your wonderful work in front of more people.

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