Neon Watercolors 1

While working on the cover of my upcoming watercolor book “The Beauty of Abandoned Places” I started experimenting with some of my watercolors in Photoshop. I love to combine my handmade art with some digital touch. The goal here was to experiment with more extreme colors. This is fun and gives me some new ideas of using colors in my future watercolors.

Während ich am Cover meines kommenden Aquarellbuchs “Die Schönheit verlassener Orte” arbeitete, begann ich mit einigen meiner Aquarelle in Photoshop zu experimentieren. Ich liebe es, meine handgemachte Kunst mit einem digitalen Touch zu kombinieren. Das Ziel hier war es, mit extremeren Farben zu experimentieren. Das macht Spaß und gibt mir einige neue Ideen für die Verwendung von Farben in meinen zukünftigen Aquarellen.

10 thoughts on “Neon Watercolors 1

  1. Excellent, Carsten! I accidentally hit Invert in Photoshop back in 2005 when I was formatting 33 mandala “Constructing the Center” watercolors for a gallery folio. The phone had rung, and me and my fancy-fingers piano-keying the computer keyboard must have dragged the selection and cursor up into the drop-downs, and slid down to Invert… which I had never used before. I picked up the phone, had a short meeting, and then when I hung up, turned back to the screen. My brow furrowed and my eyes went ablaze in the WTF happened to my piece?!! Is it just highlighted?!! Deselect. Nope. Command-Z to put it it back. Shift-Command Z and the strangely nuclear, intense colors appeared. A smile came across my face. This presents as the opposite colors. This is not Tertiary. I focused up on the drop-down bar and went through the quick keys back and forth until I saw it. INVERT. WHOAH! How COOL! I called the gallery. “Uh hem, there will be 66 pieces in the Folio rather than 33. A Day and Night Series to “Constructing the Center.” They were quizzled. “Send us an example.” I saved down one Original and also one with its inverted format.

    I hear you on the PhotoShop play that drives the current and future palletes. I LOVE these. Full-on rockin’, Man! Great stuff. Takes your great work, and allows your own color palettes to transcend to Self-Teach for some cool, new techniques and colors to work with. I now have actually put a Monograph in my website shop for the price of a coffee of the Day and Night Series for the “Constructing the Center” Watercolors. I look forward to see where you’ll take these intensifying techniques.


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Jordan. I tried this “Invert” in Photoshop for a while and was first flashed of the effect. I use it for these neon watercolors, too, but in combination with some other filters – a lot of fun and very relaxing. My best wishes – Carsten

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  2. Toll, das Du mit Deinen eigenen Bildern den spannenden Weg über die elektronische Verarbeitung gehst. Analoge und digitale Fotoprozesse und Malen können sich hervorragend ergänzen und einander wohl auch “befruchten”.

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