International watercolor exhibition Lublin

From IWS Poland:


Dear friends!
I am happy to announce that on February 28, an international watercolor exhibition will open in Lublin.
Thank you very much for organizing and supporting the respected Mieczysława Goś, Władysław Maławski and Mieczysław Maławski.
The exhibition used works that were created by artists at the Step by Step festival in Gdansk in 2019, as well as the works of watercolor artists that were presented at the exhibition of leaders, and of course, the work of Polish watercolor masters.
Atanur Dogan – Canada\Turkey,
Carsten Wieland – Germany
Yuliia Kochetova – Poland
Alice Bottrill – Canada
Asuman Dogan – Canada\Turkey
Thanyaphorn Inthahom – Switzerland
Nataliia Tretyakova – Ukraine
Diana Gorbach – Belarus
Humeyra Erdem – Turkey
Larisa Ponomarenko – Ukraine
Egle Lipeikaite – Lithuania
Sareh Mohebeian Zadeh – Russian Federation
Sofya Demskaya – Belgium
Tere Lojero – Mexico
Tess Pliskovskaya – Belarus
Nataliia Kulikovskaya – Ukraine
Galyna Otchych – Ukraine
Nikolay Solodov – Russian Federation
Stanislaw Przewlocki – Poland
Alexander Bobryshev – Ukraine
Mieczysław Maławski –Ukraine
Władysław Maławski – Poland
Mieczysława Goś – Poland

The international exhibition “The World in Watercolor” presents artists from around the world. The represented works on various subjects emphasize the nature of each artist’s work. In the paintings, we see the multiculturalism of painters and a separate style in the technique of watercolor.
From the charms of nature, through the interpretation of the human figure, landscape beauty, and architectural fascination, we can familiarize ourselves with the colors of the world that artists use.
The exhibition is open from February 28 to March 18, 2020 from 12.00-16.00
He Shuifa UMCS Center of Chinese Culture and Art
UMCS Main Library, 3rd floor, ul. Radziszewskiego 11, Lublin
Finissage of the exhibition on 18/03/2020 at 17.00


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