Abstract landscape

This one happened more or less accidential. The backside of the sheet was already messed up with the wash for something completely different but my cat Chico decided to make it his catwalk. Then there were some paint splashes on the other side, that reminded me of a peak of a hill. Voila! The birth of an abstract landscape painting. 🙂

252_2018 Watercolor /Hahnemühle Mould-made rough/ 65 x 50 cm / 25.6´ x 19.7´ in / Lukas Aquarell 1862

Dieses Aquarell ist mehr oder weniger ein Unfall. Die Rückseite war schon mit einer missglückten ersten Farbschicht verhunzt und mein Kater Chico dachte, es sei sein neuer Catwalk. Dann kamen noch einige unbeabsichtigte Farbspritzer auf der anderen Seite hinzu, die mich an die Spitze eines Hügels erinnerten. Voila! Die Geburt einer abstrakten Landschaft. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Abstract landscape

    1. Thanks so much, Emma. By the way: For some time already I try to comment on your posts – but it does not work… unfortunately! I am sorry for that. It is probably some restricions here at my work, where I use wordpress. But please be aware: I really love the clearness in your landscapes.

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