Late Autumn 2

This watercolor is based on my memories about Northern Germany. I have always been in love with the wide lowlands of this area and the beautiful old farmhouses. For this motive the hot -press paper was a wonderful work base.

241_2018 Watercolor / Fabriano Artistico Grana satinata / hot-press – 300g/m / 140 lbs – ca. 56 x 38 cm / 22.0 x 15.0 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862

Dieses Aquarell basiert auf meinen Erinnerungen an Norddeutschland. Ich habe das weite flache Land dieser Region schon immer geliebt… und natürlich die schönen alten Bauernhäuser. Für dieses Motiv war das satinierte Papier eine wunderbare Basis.

4 thoughts on “Late Autumn 2

  1. Makes me think of my Onkel Hans’ farm outside Munich. I visited there as a boy. He and my father were both born in the late 1800s, my father in 1898. It was another world then . . .
    I always love your work!

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    1. Thanks so much, dear Peter! The world has been a different one back then. I think, the architecture of the old farmhouses differs pretty much from region to region. So the farmhouse of your Onkel Hans might have looked different. These longhouses were typical for Northern Germany. Do you have pictures from your uncle´s farm?


  2. So schön. Wir hatten eine Wohnung an der Nordsee, ich habe viele Ferien meiner Kindheit dort verbracht. Eine wirklich wunderschöne Gegend! Und dein Bild ich auch sehr schön, besonders die Farbkombination mag ich.

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