Rhapsody of Flowing Colors – Complete!

This project took me a year from the first idea in 2017, October, creation of the music in 2017, November & December and filming and editing during the first 10 month of this year. And now it is finished. If you like to watch all 9 chapters of my “Rhapsody of Flowing Colors” you can find them here or you may follow this link to the complete playlist on YouTube to watch them all. Below you find a gallery with all watercolors I painted for the project.

Dieses Projekt hat ein Jahr gebraucht, von der ersten Idee im Oktober 2017, über die Kreation der Musik im November und Dezember 2017 und das Filmen und Schneiden in den ersten 10 Monaten diesen Jahres. Und jetzt ist es fertig. Wenn Ihr Euch alle 9 Kapitel meiner “Rhapsodie der fließenden Farben” ansehen möchtet, könnt ihr sie hier finden oder ihr folgt diesem Link zur kompletten Playlist auf YouTube, wo Ihr Euch das Ganze in einem ansehen könnt. Weiter unten habe ich eine kleine Galerie mit allen Aquarellen zusammengestellt, die ich für dieses Projekt gemalt habe.



15 thoughts on “Rhapsody of Flowing Colors – Complete!

  1. Spectacular results. Serving you a huge envy cake right now because your painting style is mesmerising. The videos are inspirational. I imagine it took lots of time to set up and get everything just right? Did you have to do a lot of editing? I’ve always wanted to do something like that but my results are usually up in the air. The process is okay for me but I might end up overdoing something and ruining everything. Congratulations on doing such fine work.

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    1. Thanks so much for taking time to watch, SB! 🙂 Yes, it took a while. For any single painting it takes 4x the time in front of the camera, because I change the camera position for any series of brushstrokes. This results in 3 -4 hours of video material for one painting which makes a awful lot of data to go through in the editing process. But it is still fun – and I hope I can transport a little bit of the joy hat watercolor means to me to the viewer. I just finished 16 new pieces of music (in a completely different style) for a new watercolor-video project that will keep me busy next year.

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      1. I am enjoying your creative burst of energy. The magic is in the production values and I know that the more effortless it looks, the more time that was needed to get everything right. Best of luck. xoxoxo

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      2. I’ll try to remember that advice. I have a new commission coming up (figure studies) and I have to do the work in a live setting. My client likes simple lines, but I am thinking of using watercolors to experiment with color as part of my process. It would be interesting to see how the same figure turns out in a black and white and color. Thanks for the tutorials and inspiration. xo

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      3. You are welcome. Good luck with your commission. I decided to never paint commissions when I started with watercolors … and I am so happy with it. I worked as a freelance graphic artist for more than 20 years in another life, doing a lot of commissions – but I am so glad I am done with that and enjoy painting just for myself.

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