Brushpark Watercolors 2018, August -September


My watercolors from 2018 August & September. // Meine Aquarelle aus dem August & September 2018


5 thoughts on “Brushpark Watercolors 2018, August -September

    1. Thanks so much, Bernhard! I am not sure yet if there will ever be “final” results of the “Noir” project. Even if I would be a professional artist it would take a huge amount of painting time to bring it to a satisfying level. It would need much more focusing and I´d rather like to paint other things, too. I will surely come back to it from time to time but I had to accept myself that I need to calm down.

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      1. It’s perfectly okay if you just pick up the project once in a while. You have to paint what your mind and intuition tell you. Either way, I like your artwork.


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