Watercolor Demo 2018-09-09 Part2

Here is the 2nd part of my watercolor painting demo in Malstedt, 2018, September, 09.

Hier ist der zweite Teil meiner Aquarell-Malvorführung in Malstedt am 09.September 2018.

Technik: Dieter Bremer / MMK / 2.Kamera: Gerda Musik & Schnitt: brushpark watercolors:Carsten Wieland

Presse Maldemo
Bremervörder Anzeiger – 2018-09-16

20181001_Maldemo Schmiede 2018_Titel2

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Demo 2018-09-09 Part2

  1. Hi Carsten – thanks so much for sharing this, a real privilege to see you paint, the order in which you tackle the painting, how you apply the paint, hold the brushes – everything! Such a treat, thank you!

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