Project Noir – Pacific Ready Cut Kit Home #499


During my research for the Noir project I have already found so many interesting details. One is about these prefab houses that have been kind of common and were available mail order between the years 1908 to 1940. The houses were delivered in kits of about 10,000 pieces and the companies promised that a man of average abilities could build his own kit home in about 30 – 90 days.

Here is my resource:

194_2018 Watercolor / FABRIANO® “Disegno 5” fine, ca. 70 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 13.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862 Pacific Ready Cut Kit Home #499 – a rough study for a “Noir” idea. // Pacific Ready Cut Kit Home #499 – eine grobe Studie für eine “Noir” Idee

Während meiner Recherche für das Noir Projekt bin ich schon auf so viele interessante Details gestoßen: Zum Beispiel habe ich über diese Fertighäuser erfahren, die damals recht verbreitet waren und zwischen 1908 und 1940 per Post bestellt werden konnten. Die Häuser wurden dann als Kit mit 10.000 Teilen geliefert und die Unternehmen versprachen, dass ein Mann mit durchschnittlichen Fähigkeiten seinen eigenen Haus-Bausatz in 30 – 90 Tagen aufbauen konnte.

Hier ist meine Quelle:

6 thoughts on “Project Noir – Pacific Ready Cut Kit Home #499

  1. You will also find that the city of Elgin, Illinois, where I grew up, also has a large number of these homes. It’s amazing what can be sold through a catalog! I wonder if Amazon sells houses . . . I guess I could look it up . . . . ;

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      1. Well . . . follow this link! Amazon kit sheds – or something:

        The houses in Elgin were from Sears, which sold a variety of kit houses from different manufacturers. They are pretty classical and, if I recall, are on a registry. Here is one link, googled with “sears kit homes houses elgin illniois” –

        More art material for you! And for the rest of us to enjoy. 😉

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