Falling Waters II – #worldwatercolormonth

Today I could finish this piece and although the weather was even warmer than yesterday it was fun to bring it to an end. Now I got all video footage for the 7th part of my project and can start editing.

166_2018 Watercolor / Lorenzo Santoni Handmade Paper – ca. 76 cm x 56 cm / 29.9´ x 22.0´ in / Lukas Aquarell 1862

Heute konnte ich dieses Blatt fertigstellen und obwohl es heute noch wärmer als gestern war, hat es großen Spaß gemacht, es zu Ende zu bringen. Jetzt habe ich auch alles Videomaterial für den 7.Teil meines Projekts zusammen und kann mit dem Schnitt beginnen.

9 thoughts on “Falling Waters II – #worldwatercolormonth

  1. This is gorgeous, love the colors and feeling! They will be closing Yosemite tomorrow due to the fire. My husband is there now working as security and am able to camp at Washburn point, all by his lonesome, crazy. I can’t even imagine that. From what he says Yosemite itself is fine, they are working hard to protect it. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret. I hope your husband is safe in his dangerous job. I am glad that there are heroes like him. My best wishes. I am glad that they could protect Yosemite so far – I really love it. I hope they can manage the fire.


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