Last passage – #WorldWatercolorMonth

This sheet was laying around unfinished for a while because I was a little bit afraid I would ruin it by overdoing it. I had to wait for the right moment to come back to it and this was last night. I was finishing a few other watercolors last night and at the end I felt warmed up and brave enough. 🙂 And I am happy with the result because it got the feel of tranquility I was hoping for. The “story” of this watercolor will be continued tomorrow in another one.

157_2018 Watercolor /Lorenzo Santoni Handmade Paper – ca. 76 cm x 56 cm / 29.9´ x 22.0´ in / Lukas Aquarell 1862 #WorldWatercolorMonth

Die letzte Fahrt

Dieses Blatt lag unbeendet für einige Zeit herum, denn ich hatte etwas Angst es zu ruinieren, indem ich zu viel mache. So musste ich erst einmal den richtigen Moment abwarten, es wieder anzugehen, und dieser Moment war letzte Nacht. Ich habe ein paar andere Aquarelle zum Abschluss gebracht und habe mich anschließend aufgewärmt und mutig genug gefühlt. 🙂 Und ich bin glücklich mit dem Resultat, denn es vermittelt das Gefühl der Ruhe, auf das ich gehofft hatte.  Die “Geschichte” dieses Aquarells wird morgen in einem weiteren fortgesetzt.

11 thoughts on “Last passage – #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. It’s so elegant. The water is transcendent.

    Wise you are to know that you needed to wait for the right moment, and brave to seize that moment when it arrived! And lucky we are now to see the beautiful result.

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    1. Thanks so much, Aletha! The wisdom comes from a little bit of experience of ruining some other good beginnings when not really feeling for it. I always have to tell myself that nobody is forcing me to finish a watercolor in a certain time. I probably have about 20 other unfinished sheets now and some of them might never get finished or it might take a while. I like to follow the first impulse of feeling inspired but sometimes I get bored of a painting while painting or my mood changes and I don´t feel for finishing it.

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