The artist

No secret who the real artist in this household is ! ChicoArtist 2018.


Kein Zweifel, wer in diesem Haushalt der wahre Künstler ist! ChicoArtist 2018

ChicoArtist 2018
ChicoArtist 2018 1
ChicoArtist 2018
ChicoArtist 2018 2
ChicoArtist 2018
ChicoArtist 2018 3

14 thoughts on “The artist

  1. Adorable! My cat has a love of pens and erasers. Luckily he isn’t as bad anymore, but he used to take them and put them in unusual places.

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    1. I had two male cats when I lived in Hamburg for 16 and 17 years. They have been around me all the time ( I was working in my home-office) Now I have two guys again for 4 years now – and they are around me most of the time, too when I am at home. But they are still independant souls (what is what I like most about cats).

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