Bridal Veil Powerhouse Telluride, Colorado

I wanted to paint this spot for a long time already because it is one of the most astonishing locations I have ever seen. My painting turned out a little bit shy… maybe I had too much respect for the motive. But I am glad that I finally tried to paint it before it was getting to huge to start at all in my head.

095_2018 Watercolor / Fabriano Artistico rough 61 x 45,5 cm / 24´ x 17.9´ / Lukas Aquarell 1862 “Bridal Veil Powerhouse Telluride, Colorado”

Ich wollte diesen Platz schon lange malen, weil es einer der erstaunlichsten Orte ist, die ich je gesehen habe. Mein Aquarell ist leider ein bisschen schüchtern ausgefallen… wahrscheinlich war mein Respekt vor dem Motiv einfach zu groß. Aber ich bin froh, dass ich endlich versucht habe, es zu malen, bevor es in meinem Kopf zu groß wird, um mich überhaupt noch daran zu wagen.

15 thoughts on “Bridal Veil Powerhouse Telluride, Colorado

      1. I am happy while I am painting… the results are kind of secondary to me, Charlie! Being proud would probably not motivate me for anything else than sit back and relax. I am grateful that I found my way to watercolors and their unlimited opportunities. 🙂 Happy easter holidays to you.

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