River bend

I was carrying this sheet unfinished in my folder for weeks now but last night I did finally finish it. I am going to try another variant tonight wih some changes in the color range, but I am so happy that I finished this one.

043_2018 Watercolor / Fabriano Artistico grana grossa / rough – 300g/m / 140 lbs – ca. 56 x 38 cm / 22.0 x 15.0 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862


Ich habe dieses Blatt seit Wochen unfertig in meiner Mappe mit mir rumgetragen, aber in der letzten Nacht habe ich es endlich fertig gemalt. . Ich werde heute Nacht noch eine weitere Variante mit einer anderen Farbkombination versuchen, aber ich bin echt froh, dass ich dieses hier doch noch fertiggestellt habe.

12 thoughts on “River bend

    1. That is hard to say, Holly. I work in several layers – so it is not working on a specific part. It is more like sharpening a blurred picture more from step to step. As long it is wet I work on the whole picture. In this case I just had the rough shapes of the river and the hills worked out in the first session. In the second session I added some reflections to the river and attached a view brushstrokes all over the picture, to add more color depth and then painted the trees with a smaller brush as long there was still moisture.

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      1. It adds variation. I did not use real reds for this, but the melting of layers of yellow, pink, orange and blue appear like diversified red – at least I hope so. I feel that I am just at the start of a long and exciting journey – that is so great about being a passionate beginner.

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