On Top of the Bathtub Studio

I have been experimenting with some color effect shots for the Rhapsody of Flowing Colors orchestral opening. Colors dancing in the water to the score. 🙂 The first results are motivating. But my bathroom is little bit too small for this kind of playing around. It is hard to move there without kicking the tripods. 🙂
Ich habe ein bisschen mit Effekt-Aufnahmen für die orchestrale Eröffnung der Rhapsody of Flowing Colors experimentiert. Farben tanzen im Wasser zur Musik. 🙂 Die ersten Ergebnisse sind schon ganz ermutigend. Mein Badezimmer ist nur etwas eng für solche Spielereien. Es ist schwierig sich zu bewegen, ohne die Stative umzuschmeißen. 🙂

16 thoughts on “On Top of the Bathtub Studio

  1. Not Cool but Hot , Hot, Hot!
    Now if you could divide the tank with another clear plane you could introduce blues and greens and keep them separate and cool while integrating their movement into the composition.
    But what i really want to know is how do you take a bath? Striking that set up has to be labor intensive.

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    1. LOL! Good question, Holly! 🙂 That makes it time intensive, because I always have to deconstruct my setup after filming. In the bathroom to take a bath or shower and in my apartment studio because of the cats – they can get pretty wild & destructive while playing from time to time. Your idea with a division of the tank is great! 🙂

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