Brushstrokes 2017, November

A collection of my brushstrokes 2017, November.

Eine Sammlung meiner Pinseleien aus dem November 2017.


6 thoughts on “Brushstrokes 2017, November

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much, Holly!!! I might seem organized and productive in my art… but the rest of me is a little bit chaotic. Sometimes I wish I could transfer some organisation from my art to my household. LOL! But when I paint or make music I tend to forget anything else. So be warned and don´t take that role model to serious. 🙂
      I think for us creative people the internet is a real gem. To be able to see what other artists paint and create around the world and to be in contact is the great benefit of our digital times. I feel honored that you like to see my work – and you are always welcome. 🙂

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