From sketch to watercolor #2

From sketch to watercolor #2. I did not work too close to the pencil sketch here. The sketch was just giving a rough idea about the setting. I completed the farm with a barn but what interested me most was the color composition.

Von der Skizze zum Aquarell #2. Ich habe mich hier nur grob an der Bleistift-Skizze orientiert. Sie war nur eine grobe Idee der Szenerie. Ich habe die Farm durch eine Scheune vervollständigt, aber eigentlich ging es mir hauptsächlich um die Farb-Komposition.

2 thoughts on “From sketch to watercolor #2

  1. wow! this is just magic. Watching the painting emerge as you “lay it and leave it”. You paint with such incredible confidence and never get fussy. the results are awesome!
    I Hope you will want to do more of these step by step posts from time to time.
    Thanks for sharing.

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