Only one watercolor today and a quick one. I was watching some documentaries about the American Wilderness Act last night and felt inspired for another waterfall practice. The rest of my Sunday will be relaxing and enjoying the Sunday evening crime show. I did bake buttermilk bisquits this morning and I am going to celebrate some Southern style meal for dinner. 🙂

Nur ein Aquarell heute und dazu ein schnelles. Ich hab mir letzte Nacht einige Dokus über den Amerikanischen Wilderness Act angesehen und das hat mich inspiriert, mal wieder eine Wasserfall Übung zu malen. Der Rest meines Sonntags besteht aus Entspannen und dem Sonntagabend-Krimi. Ich habe heute morgen Buttermilch-Bisquits gebacken und werde ein Südstaaten Dinner zelebrieren. 🙂

115_2017 Watercolor / Hahnemühle Anniversary Edition ca.48 x 36 cm / 18.9 x 14.2 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862 – Sunday Waterfall Practice

10 thoughts on “Sunday.

  1. love this, especially the mysteriousness of the lower section. It has a western feel to it for sure, your inspiration definitely worked. I can almost hear the roaring of the water coming down. I hope to plein air at a local falls here as soon as it is clear weather and I have the time open.

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! I am just a little bit jealous… just a tiny little bit! We don´t have any waterfalls here… and when I ever I have seen one live I did not paint. Anyway: I am looking forward for some plein-air painting, too. Hope the weather will change in May.

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  2. What a delightful sounding day. The biscuits sound delicious all the way across the pond. Love the waterfall. Each of your motifs has some meaning, no doubt. It sure is true for me, at least, that I feel myself drawn again and again to certain things. Perhaps they are a kind of private symbolism — whose meaning may even be unknown to the artist himself! Enjoy your show!

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    1. The biscuits were great. I love them since I was in the USA the last time. And the home made are even better. The crime show was (unexpected) good and I did really enjoy a lazy weekend. I guess the meaning of those things remain unknown. If I knew the meaning I might not try to paint them. Maybe…

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