So good – the working week is almost over. I am looking forward to go home this morning, have some sleep and start to paint something huge. 🙂 Last night I had fun with this watercolor of an abandoned house. I painted another version of it a few days ago but I wanted to try something different with this one.I started it with a very rough yellow outline and then painted color blocks. I had only a slight idea where the journey was going –  one color block inspired the next. Maybe the result still looks like ´just one of his abandoned houses´but the painting process was completely different. After painting the outline for some orientation there was only colors and shapes. I know this is how watercolor should be but most of the time I am still thinking too much about the subject. Painting this was giving a little bit of the awareness I am always looking for. 🙂 This felt pretty motivating and even the painting result I find acceptable.

113_2017 Watercolor / Hahnemühle Anniversary Edition ca.48 x 36 cm / 18.9 x 14.2 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862

So gut – die Arbeitswoche ist fast geschafft. Ich freue mich darauf, heute Morgen nach Hause zu gehen, ein bisschen zu schlafen und dann etwas großes zu malen. 🙂 Letzte Nacht hatte ich Spaß mit diesem Aquarell von einem verlassenen Haus. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich schon eine andere Version davon gemalt, aber ich wollte noch etwas anderes ausprobieren. Ich begann mit einer groben Umrisslinie in gelb und habe dann Blöcke von Farben hineingemalt. Ich hatte nur eine grobe Idee wo die Reise hingehen sollte – ein Farbblock inspirierte den nächsten. Vielleicht sieht das Resultat immer noch so aus wie “einfach noch eins von seinen verfallenen Häuser-Aquarellen”, aber der Malprozess war komplett anders. Nachdem ich die Outline zur groben Orientierung gemalt hatte ging es nur noch um Farben und Formen. Ich weiß, so sollte ein gutes Aquarell eigentlich immer aufgebaut werden, aber meistens denke ich immer noch viel zusehr über das Motiv nach. Dies Malerei gab mir ein wenig von der Erkenntnis nach der ich immer suche. 🙂 Das fühlte sich sehr motivierend an und sogar das Resultat finde ich akzeptabel.

12 thoughts on “Friday.

  1. trying new approaches keeps one fresh and learning. I actually painted a nude figure just that way last night.It doesn’t look so different but it felt bold and different. i guess i ought to post-sometime, maybe. thanks for your post. Have a great weekend.

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      1. yes, Thursday nights and sometimes Tuesday if there is no choir rehearsal or Friday if i am free. There are two different groups i can study with. It is a great privilege and opportunity. i do find concentrating for three hours often on quick poses is exhausting especially when the sessions are at night. But i do see improvement in my ability to draw and paint the model. And i find working in watercolors is fun.

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      2. When I was a design student 30 years ago we had drawing from live model classes almost everyday. It was a great practice, probably the best drawing practice one can get. You are right: it forces so much concentration – especially at night.But every session, veen if you exhausted from time to time, will bring you forward. I am looking for a class, too.

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  2. I see the house as being like the music of the picture — you interpret it different ways. Meanwhile the music gives all the parts stability and coherence. Seeing something like those amazing shadows with reflected light inside them (on the right), it is partly dependent upon the context that the house provides as a structure. You would not have a dream without content and yet dreams are still very mysterious. I think your houses have lots of mystery in them, and each one is so particular, individual. It’s interesting that you can interpret this motif in various ways, like improvisations in music.

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    1. And again: Thanks so much, Aletha! Maybe it is because I don´t use any reference when I paint “my” houses. They are just samples from my memories, mixed up over the time. When I paint plein air my interpretation abilities are limited because the beauty of reality is overhelming me.

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  3. I love it too! The simplicity of the foreground really balances out the boldness and dynamics. It has a really special aura about it, and I like the pink in the roof, and the clean blue shadows under the arches. You are so intensely passionate about your artwork, which is something I can certainly relate too!

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