Another one…

Today it is just another steamboat – resulting from the paper testing sketches. Tomorrow I will post something different – I promise. 🙂

Und noch ein Dampfboot für heute – resultierend aus den Papier-Test-Pinseleien. Morgen werde ich mal etwas anderes posten – ich schwöre. 🙂

098_2017 Watercolor / Hahnemühle Anniversary Edition ca.40 x 30 cm / 15.7 x 11.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862



12 thoughts on “Another one…

  1. I’m not sure exactly why they seem mysterious to me. You capture so well the majesty of these grand boats. And the color blue contributes too, I think. It has an emotional resonance — a sense of depth. They are boats from the past and these pictures have a great feeling of history to them — yet the fresh way that you paint them makes them feel present — as though they are inside our time. Even in this one, particularly, the darkness of the boat — that it seems to come out of the darkness into the light. And it is so massive. It’s like the boat is carrying the past into the present and all the things about the past that we wonder about are there — even if we don’t quite know what they are. Something like that.

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    1. Thank you so much, Aletha!!! Your thoughts about it express my feelings when I look at the vintage photographs of them. But I would not be able to put it into these word you choose. I am so happy that something of those feelings seems to be transported with my painting. I don´t paint from reference directly but I have seen hundreds and hundreds of old photographs of the old steamboats during the last weeks. And had so many inspirational reads about them and the people working on them. It has not been romantic… far away from being romantic. I hope I will be able to show that too in my paintings in a future not too far – without the nostalgia.

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