Nightshift III

I am using my nightshift testing another watercolor-paper. It is a large block from Canson Montval that was pretty cheap. I used this paper before but in a much smaller size. The quality is pretty good although it is hot-pressed paper, but it is a little bit tricky to handle when you work with layers. The first wash looks brilliant but when you add a second or third layer you have to be extra sensitive with the brush, because it is taking of paint from the first wash. Maybe it is good for a specific technique but when you prefer to work spontaneous and with a bold brushstroke it is really hard to handle. They call it a beginner paper. I would not say so.

Anyway, it is good enough to keep the brush going through the nightshift to keep me awake and here are two experiments from last night. The first one (trees and water) is pretty much messed up. The first wash was kind of perfect, but then I found out about the trickiness of applying another wash. In the end it was just the desperate try to rescue something that was long lost.

051_2017 Watercolor / Canson Montval – ca. 50 x 40 cm/ 19.7´´x 15.7´´ / Lukas Aquarell 1862

The second experiment with the house was not really successful either. I tried to paint with a huge flat-brush most of the time. I like the colors, and it was a good exercise for sure (any painting is one)- but I am not really convinced by the result. Tonight I try something different with the paper and I will post it here however it turns out. If I would only post what convinces me – there would only be one post per month.

052_2017 Watercolor / Canson Montval – ca. 50 x 40 cm/ 19.7´´x 15.7´´ / Lukas Aquarell 1862

Last but not least: back at home I continued with my spring-workshop-watercolor. Now it is almost done – just some finishing touches left for tomorrow. Here is a quick, not really representative picture taken before I had to leave for work.

2017-02-09 Work in progress


Ich nutze meine Nachtschicht um einen anderes Aquarell-Papier zu testen. Es ist ein ziemlich großer Block von Canson Montval, ziemlich billig. Ich habe dieses Papier früher schon einmal benutzt, allerdings in einem wesentlich kleineren Format. Die Qualität ist recht gut, obwohl es heiß-gepresstes Papier ist, aber es ist ziemlich problematisch in der Handhabung, wenn man mit mehreren Layern arbeiten möchte. Der erste Wash sieht brillant aus, aber wenn man den zweiten Layer über pinselt muss man extra vorsichtig sein, denn man hebt damit die Farbe des darunterliegenden Auftrags wieder ab. Vielleicht ist das ganz gut für eine spezielle Technik, aber wenn man es bevorzugt, spontan und mit grobem Pinselschlag zu arbeiten, ist es wirklich schwierig. Sie nennen es Anfänger-Papier. Ich würde dem nicht zustimmen.

Wie auch immer – es ist gut genug, um während der Nachtschicht den Pinsel zu schwingen und mich damit wach zu halten. Und hier sind zwei Experimente von letzter Nacht. Das erste (Bäume und Wasser) ist ziemlich in die Hose gegangen. Der erste Wash sah wirklich perfekt aus, aber dann fand ich heraus, wie kompliziert es mit den weiteren Layern ist. Am Ende habe ich nur noch versucht, etwas zu retten, was schon lange gescheitert war.

Das zweite Experiment mit dem Haus war auch nicht wirklich erfolgreich. Ich habe versucht, das meiste mit einem großen Flachpinsel zu malen. Ich mag die Farbigkeit und es war eine gute Übung (jede Pinselei ist eine gute Übung) – aber das Ergebnis überzeugt mich nicht wirklich. Heute Nacht probiere ich etwas anders mit dem Papier und werde es später hier posten, wie auch immer es ausfällt. Wenn ich hier nur posten würde, was mich wirklich überzeugt, dann gebe es nur einen Post pro Monat. 🙂

Zu guter Letzt: zurück zuhause habe ich an dem Frühlings-Workshop Aquarell weitergearbeitet. Jetzt ist es fast fertig – nur noch ein wenig Feinschliff ist übrig für morgen. Hier ist ein schnelles, nicht wirklich repräsentatives Foto, dass ich gemacht habe, bevor ich zur Arbeit musste.

15 thoughts on “Nightshift III

  1. I loved reading about your experiment with the Canson paper. I just received an order of paper and one of them was the Canson Heritage which is new. I have heard that it is a paper that acts more like artist quality, so I decided to buy one piece to give it a try. I otherwise hate Canson, I totally understand your reaction.


  2. Thank you for sharing your struggles as well as your successes. We all gain in the process. i recently experienced that weird lifting effect on multiple washes only in my case i was able to take happy advantage of it as i wanted to lift the first layer.i was working on very cheap Canson mixed media sketch book. It seemed to me that the sizing actually came off with the pigment!

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      1. I bought them because they were pretty and cheap and then they sat around until you mentioned using yours. And you are right; they are much gentler on the Canson paper barely lifting the sizing at all and best of all they allow wonderfully thick to fine lines-good for tree branches and carry lots of water. i shall have to post an experiment or two. You are really waking me up to thinking about technique and materials!!!! now I just need to produce more paintings.

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  3. From a non artist eye, they look amazing! I actually like your latest work in progress as it is, as it has a clarity to it that I love…but then I’m no artist! Can’t wait to see what you do this weekend!

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    1. Thanks so much, Gwendolyn! The painting process is what makes me happy. The day I am completely satisfied with any of my own paintings and tell myself how good I am I should stop painting. When you paint you follow a vision and it is not easy to bring it on the paper. Compared to some of my watercolor heroes I am a bloody beginner and I will never have a chance to play in their league just because I started too late with it. But for the good two years since I started with watercolors I can probably be happy with my progress. And as long there are kind people like you who like what I am painting I am happy. 🙂

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