Workshop preparation II

Now I found my layout for my spring-watercolor-workshop. The full-sheet will probably be a little bit more `open-space´, but the colors are pretty much what I ´d expect from a nice spring day. Tomorrow I am going to paint the full-sheet.

Jetzt habe ich mein Layout für meinen Frühlings-Aquarell-Workshop gefunden. Das Großformat wird wahrscheinlich etwas ´offener´wirken, aber die Farben sind schon ziemlich nah an meiner Vorstellung von einem schönen Frühlingstag. Morgen werde ich mich dann an das Großformat wagen.

021_2017 Watercolor-Sketches /Marabu Mixed Media 21,0 x 14,8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in / Lukas Aquarell 1862


4 thoughts on “Workshop preparation II

    1. Thanks so much, Holly. Today I started working on the full-sheet for the Workshop. I think it is going good – but it is always a bit stressful, because I have to photograph every step. It is bad for the workflow. I hope I can finish it the next few days.


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