025_2017 Watercolor / Folia – ca. 42,2 x 29,4 cm/ Lukas Aquarell 1862

Two more watercolors, just practicing, one from last night, the other one from this morning. My work feels a little bit strenuous the last days and I wish I had a little bit more energy for greater painting projects. I started another full-sheet last Tuesday but it will probably remain untouched until the weekend. By the end of the month I will change my worktime from late shift to night shift. I hope to have more and more intense painting time this way.

026_2017 Watercolor / Folia – ca. 42,2 x 29,4 cm/ Lukas Aquarell 1862

Zwei weitere Aquarelle zur Übung, das eine von gestern Abend, das andere von heute Morgen. Momentan fühlt sich ein Job mal wieder ziemlich anstrengend an und ich wünschte, ich hätte mehr Energie für größere Malprojekte. Zwar habe ich am Dienstag ein neues Großformat begonnen, aber es wird wohl mindestens bis zum Wochenende auf seine Fertigstellung warten. Ab Ende des Monats werde ich meine Arbeitszeit von Spät- auf Nachtschicht umstellen. Auf diese Weise hoffe ich auf mehr und intensivere Zeit zum Malen.


8 thoughts on “Practice

  1. Dear Carsten,
    Your work is beautiful. i would gladly grace the walls of my home with these last two.
    Perhaps you wish just to keep your thoughts focused on the immediate joy of your work, but i have often wondered what launched you onto this creative path of intense work, progress, and subsequent development as a painter. It is pretty special, you know.

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    1. Thanks so much, Holly. I think it is hard to say what makes us want to be creative. I have been creative in different ways most of my life just because I had the feeling I want it and I have to. After a heavy burnout almost 4 years ago I thought I would never do anything creative ever again. But then I re-discovered watercolors for me. First as a therapy but it seems that I can´t do something creative without developing some ambitions. But I don´t see it as work. May be passion would be the right word.


      1. Thank you, Carsten. Yes, I believe passion may be the right word.
        And, I believe that if one really wants to make it happen one can find their way back to a creative self. And, that whatever form that creativity takes it does need to be embraced as a passion and not as work. You are right.
        You are an inspiration for me-thanks!

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