Happy new year!

Happy new year!

My year 2016 did end with another computer-crash – this time the hard drive is damaged completely. It is not even possible to format it. It did paint a lot of sketches while I was trying to fix my computer. I will post them in a few days when my PC is hopefully working again. Today I just share my December album with you – everything I painted during the month (except a few sketches I could not upload yet). Happy New Year everybody!


Mein Jahr 2016 endete mit einem weiteren Computer-Crash, diesmal ist es die Festplatte. Sie lässt sich noch nicht einmal mehr formatieren und scheint irreparabel kaputt zu sein. Während ich versucht habe, meinen Rechner wieder zum Laufen zu kriegen, habe ich jede Menge Skizzen gemalt. Die werde ich dann posten, sobald mein PC hoffentlich wieder arbeitet. So teile ich hier heute mein Dezember-Album mit allem was ich in diesem Monat gemalt habe (abgesehen von den Skizzen, die ich noch nicht hochladen konnte). Frohes Neues Jahr Euch allen!


11 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. I am amazed you can paint so many things in a month. Your work is always beautiful and the colors are subtle and bright at the same time. What do you do with all your paintings when you are through? You must have a studio full of beauty! Keep the great work up in 2017!

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  2. Your work is beautiful. Sorry your computer crashed, hope 2017 gets off to a better start with everything working well. Thank you for sharing your paintings with us.

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