My book on wordpress

I created a website for my book with all information, preview-links, watercolor-samples, free e-book download and the way to order the printed books from blurb.

My watercolor yearbook

Ich habe eine Website für mein Buch erstellt – mit allen Infos, Vorschau-Link, Aquarell-Beispielen, kostenlose, E-Book Download und Bestellmöglichkeit für das gedruckte Buch von blurb.

Mein Aquarell-Jahrbuch

Cover layout for my yearbook 2016.



7 thoughts on “My book on wordpress

  1. Very very impressive, Carsten. Congratulations on the publication of your book: it looks absolutely spectacular in format and I know it is spectacular in content. What a gifted artist you are. I look forward to being able to leaf through the online version until I can save up enough coins to be able to purchase a hard copy! May the beauty you share with others all come home to bless you in the year to come. Blessings! Peter

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