Step-by-step: Preparing my palette…

… and painting trees.
Some people asked me to show my palette. To be honest: I had to clean it before I could show it to anybody. It was about time to clean it before arranging my paints. These are all colors I use for my sketches and most of my paintings.
Step-by-step: Vorbereitung meiner Palette… und Bäume malen. Ein paar Leute baten mich, hier einmal meine Palette zu zeigen. Um ehrlich zu sein: Ich musste sie heute erst einmal reinigen, um sie irgendjemandem zeigen zu können. Es war wohl an der Zeit, sie mal auszuwaschen, bevor ich meine Farben arrangiere. Dies sind so ziemlich alle Farben, die ich für meine Skizzen und die meisten meiner Aquarelle verwende

7 thoughts on “Step-by-step: Preparing my palette…

  1. A process not unlike the poet’s preparation for stringing together colorful words. They begin as empty spaces on a blank palette and upon reflection begin to take on the colors of his thoughts . . . I like thinking about your sketches . . .

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    1. Thanks so much, Peter! I don´t have too many experience with the creative use of the word. So I just have to believe you that it has something in common with painting. I think that painting is more for the lazy thinker, who finds it too strenuos to form his thoughts and feelings in clear words.


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