The Burning House II

217_2016 Watercolor / Fabriano artistico satinized – ca. 76 x 56 cm / 29.9 x 22.0 in / ´The Burning House II´

I had to paint this again. After I have been really satisfied with my small watercolor-sketch I wanted to try a large format today. I stood up extra early today to make sure that I can finish it before I have to go to my work. I am getting used to the beautiful Fabriano Artistico paper and I used a bigger brush. Compared to painting smaller formats these large paintings are more physical in the painting-process. I feel like I have been in the gym after painting this one. I don´t think the result is perfect, but I am satisfied. I will try to paint more of the larger formats this month to get my brushwork loose. I have a bigger amount of sheets in stock now so I don´t have to be afraid too much to make mistakes.

Ich musste dieses Motiv einfach noch mal malen. Nachdem ich mit der kleinen Aquarellskizze ganz zufrieden war, wollte ich es heute mal in größerem Format versuchen. Ich bin extra früh aufgestanden, um sicherzustellen, dass ich das Bild fertigbekomme, bevor ich zur Arbeit muss. Langsam gewöhne ich mich an das herrliche Fabriano Artistico Papier und benutze einen größeren Pinsel. Verglichen mit dem Malen der kleineren Formate hat das Malen der Großformate etwas Physisches. Ich fühle mich nach dem Malen beinahe, als wäre ich gerade im Fitness-Studio gewesen. J Perfekt ist das heutige Resultat noch nicht, aber ich bin trotzdem ganz zufrieden. Ich werde diesen Monat versuchen, verstärkt größere Formate zu malen, um meine Pinselarbeit etwas lockerer zu machen. Zum Glück habe ich einiges an Papier auf Lager, sodass ich mir nicht zu viele Gedanken machen muss, wenn mal etwas in die Hose geht.

12 thoughts on “The Burning House II

    1. Thanks so much. Margaret! I am not really happy with the foreground, but the house with the fire and the background did turn out the way I like. Anyway – I have to be patient with myself. This large format is really a challenge for me and I just need more practice. But it is really fun, too.

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      1. How large is it? I thought that you already were painting large, at least it appears that way to me. Your foreground looks fine to me, love that reflection of the fire in the water, very cool. Only thing is perhaps the orange area just before the water is competing with your house on fire? I would never have noticed it if you didn’t mention your foreground. It did not pop out to me as a problem at all….so truthfully I think that it is just fine. We artists are so particular, I know how that is! lol

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      2. I always post the size under the picture – it is ca. 76 x 56 cm / 29.9 x 22.0 in. Most of my paintings are much smaller. I did just like the foreground in the smaller sketch better. It was more homogenous than it is in the new Version. Thanks os much. 🙂

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  1. Like Margaret, I can really feel the intense heat from that fire – really well captured – I’ve never tried painting fire before as I feel very daunted by the prospect but you’ve carried it off with real aplomb!

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    1. Thank you so much, John! Actually this was my first attempt on painting fire, too. I am quite happy with the result, because I had the same feeling about painting fire before. But after the encouraging first sketch of the motive I took heart and told myself let´s do it!  It is not perfect for sure but it was fun to paint after I decided that it does not matter if I mess up the sheet.

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      1. haha, yes, the realisation that – despite the time and effort you’ve invested in it, it’s still only a piece of paper can be a deliciously liberating! Certainly worked for you in this painting!

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