Sketches. Day29 #worldwatercolormonth

My 29-1/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 193_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in //

Before I will come back to my larger painting this weekend I painted a watercolor sketch of the motive last night. I hope I can transfer the looseness of the sketch to the large sheet but I am not really worried about it, because I started the first washes with a pretty large flat brush which did pretty good painting bigger shapes easy.

I have always been fascinated by mangle trees. The second sketch is first try to paint one.

The 3rd sketch is from this morning. Just painting to relax before work. There have been some dark clouds in front of my window that inspired me to paint this quick fantasy-landscape.

My 29-2/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 194_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in //


Bevor ich an diesem Wochenende an meinem größeren Aquarell weiterarbeite habe ich gestern Abend diese kleine Skizze desselben Motivs gemalt. Ich hoffe, ich kann die Lockerheit der Skizze auf das größere Blatt übertragen, aber eigentlich müsste es ganz gut klappen, da den Anfang bereits mit einem ziemlich großen Flach-Pinsel gemalt habe, der sich gut eignet, große Flächen mit kleinem Aufwand zu malen.

Ich war schon immer fasziniert von Mangrovenbäumen. Die zweite Skizze ist mein erster Versuch einen zu malen.

Die dritte Skizze ist von heutet Morgen. Einfach gemalt, um vor der Arbeit noch etwas zu entspannen. Vor meinem Fenster waren einige dunkle Wolken aufgezogen, die mich inspiriert haben, diese schnelle Phantasie-Landschaft zu malen.

My 29-3/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 195_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in //

5 thoughts on “Sketches. Day29 #worldwatercolormonth

  1. beautiful paintings, I am also fascinated by trees and all their myriad of branches… your fantasy tree! that green is beautiful….which colors did you use? Your last painting reminds me of the high country that I like to paint at.

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! I used White Nights for these sketches. I had to look up which green it was -it is just called “Green”. 🙂 I don´t use green watercolors too often, like probably most watercolorists I prefer to mix them from blue and yellows. But sometimes it is good to have a ´clean´ color inbetween the muddy colors.

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