´Painting Therapy´ / #worldwatercolormonth

My 28-2/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 191_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in //

When I come home from work late at night I try to relax with some loose painting in my sketchbook – without any pressure to create a ´masterpiece´ 🙂 – just painting for painting and see how the colors flow. I always hope for a more abstract result when I do that but so far it always developed into something specific. But anyway: it is always relaxing and almost some kind of ´painting therapy´.

My 28-3/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 192_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in //

Wenn ich spät nachts von der Arbeit komme, versuche ich meistens mit etwas lockerer Pinselei in meinem Skizzenbuch zu entspannen – ohne jeden Druck, ein „Meisterwerk“  🙂  zu erschaffen – einfach nur malen um des Malens Willen und um zu sehen, wie die Farben fließen. Ich erhoffe mir bei diesen Übungen immer ein abstraktes Resultat, aber bislang entwickelt es sich dann doch immer zu etwas Konkretem. Trotzdem: es ist immer entspannend und fast schon eine Art „Mal-Therapie“.


5 thoughts on “´Painting Therapy´ / #worldwatercolormonth

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! I had to Google the Sitka Spruce and Patrick´s Point state park first, because I had no idea about it. Now I learned that it must be pretty close to Trinidad. Seems to be another inspiring place in California!!! 🙂 The second one looks like the waterfalls I have seen in Thailand. I really love all kinds of waterfalls.

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      1. yep….near Trinidad, the park is only a few miles from there….my favorite place to vacation. My daughter was married was married in the park and they were there last week. I love that area so much. If you ever come back to California, go check it out. The redwoods are near-by.

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    1. Thanks so much, Debi! To be honest: it was not designed – it just happened! 🙂 Sometimes when I let myself go and the color flow it developes into something nice. It is probably the most relaxed way to paint – but not always successful.


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