Weekend! Wochenende!

114_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Marabu Mixed Media 21,0 x 14,8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in

I just woke up from a thunder and the rain hitting against the window. I am so glad that it is weekend and i don´t have to go out. Before i went to bed my stretched watercolor sheet did look perfect and plain – now that woke up some edges are loose and it did weld. I don´t know how this could happen. It was perfectly dry and really fixed – may be the humidity was too high. I never had this before. I have to loosen and water it again and my painting process has a break before it even started. Against my plan I will probably start the day with some smaller paintings and practices. So good it is weekend!

Here are my results from last night – just some more sketches and 2 minute watercolors.

113_2016 Watercolor-Sketches / Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 2 x 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 2x 8.3 x 5.8 in

Ich bin gerade vom Donner und dem Regen, der gegen das Fenster prasselt, aufgewacht. Ich bin so froh, dass Wochenende ist und ich keinen Fuß vor die Tür setzen muss. Bevor ich zu Bett gegangen bin, war mein vorbereitetes Aquarellpapier perfekt und plan aufgespannt. Es war komplett trocken und gut fixiert – jetzt haben sich einige Kanten gelöst und es ist wellig – vielleicht war die Luftfeuchtigkeit zu hoch. Das ist mir noch nie passiert. Ich muss es jetzt erst wieder ablösen und nochmals wässern und mein Malprozess ist unterbrochen, bevor er überhaupt begonnen hat. Gegen meinen Plan werde ich den Tag dann wohl mit ein paar kleineren Pinseleien und Übungen beginnen. Wie gut, dass Wochenende ist!

Hier sind meine Resultate vom gestern Abend – lediglich ein paar Skizzen und 2 Minuten Aquarelle.

CW20160618_2 minute sketch12
184_2016 Watercolor/Guardi artistico Postkarte – 14,8 x 10,6 cm – 2 minute sketch 12
CW20160618_2 minute sketch13
185_2016 Watercolor/Guardi artistico Postkarte – 14,8 x 10,6 cm – 2 minute sketch 13
CW20160618_2 minute sketch14
186_2016 Watercolor/Guardi artistico Postkarte – 14,8 x 10,6 cm – 2 minute sketch 14

8 thoughts on “Weekend! Wochenende!

  1. I like your bold style and loose approach of the medium! No fuzz just paint it says! About stretching, its always a pain in the ***! I found on you tube a method with staples, and I must say it works very nice, untill you have to loosen it! in plywood its the same pain in the ***! So I bought me 1 cm thick foamboard and that is sturdy enough to hold stretched paper, and the staples are coming out very easy! I tape over the staples with just painterstape, the same you use for painting your house! to avoid backruns from water under the staples! Or buy 640 grams! expensive but very easy!
    Regards Edo

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    1. Thanks so much, Edo. Your hints are helpful! It was pretty easy and well going to stretch the paper on my balcony when it was warm and sunny outside. I don´t know what went wrong yesterday. I was thinking about a foamboard, especially for plein air painting . Taking out the staples is not destroying it´s surface to much? Or do you use one for a few paintings only and then get a new one? I am still in the practicing mode – so i prefer to use the cheaper 300 gram paper for now. Regards – Carsten

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      1. I used it for a painting of 10 now, and still good, but I think if you use a lot of the same size quarter sheets it is going bad! It also depends on what paper I use, there are papers that dont goggle much, but others are making sky high bumps! Like I have one from Hanhemuhle Cornwall. but I like the texture. And I have 200 Lb 425 grams Bockingford. its not expensive and stays flat. I just tape it down and that’s it! I have not a lot of 640 grams, but I bought some Arches and Saunders Waterford, just to try. And my all time Hero John Pike used it! so I did want to know how it was! Regards – Edo

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      2. Thanks so much again, Edo! I will experiment with the papers more. I do really admire John Pike´s art, too. (Who,busy with watercolors would not??? ) I was just reading your blog post about Aubrey Phillips. I am really fascinated by his approach, too and i was thrilled by his art of reduction. Happy painting! Best regards – Carsten

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  2. It’s fun to see the different versions. The one at the top is luminous, reminds me of certain mornings. They are all wonderful. The short sketch really puts particular ideas out there, raking shadows, shadows with light in them, warm shadows, structure, space …

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    1. Thanks so much, Charlie!!! I thought i perfected my paper stretching technique – but seems it only works with sunshine and higher temperatures! LOL! So the sketchbook (or smaller sheets) seem to be the better choice for rainy days. Happy painting!!!

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