Late shift painting

CW20160607_Abandoned farmhouses
167_2016 Watercolor/ Hahnemühle Echt Bütten rau – ca.40 x 30 cm. ´Abandoned farmhouses´

I am so glad to be back on my regular late shift working. I am able to enjoy my free time until 2:00 pm and as long it is quit i can start painting at work at 7:00 pm. Yesterday it was a little bit busier than the weeks before, but i still could practice a little bit. I am not to crazy about these two pieces, but i think it is important to keep the brush moving. 🙂 I re-painted one of my sketches on Hahnemühle watercolor paper and one new sketch in my sketchbook. The page of the sketchbook was a little bit weird this time – it did not absorb the watercolors like usual. May be this paper is not really acid free. The sketch became a little bit messy this way.


Ich bin so froh, wieder in meiner regulären Spätschicht zu arbeiten. So kann ich meine Freizeit bis nachmittags um 14:00 genießen und dann später bei der Arbeit, wenn es ab 19:00 ruhiger wird, mit dem Malen beginnen. Gestern war bei der Arbeit etwas mehr zu tun als in den letzten Wochen, aber ich konnte trotzdem ein paar Aquarell-Übungen machen. Ich bin nicht sonderlich begeistert von den Ergebnissen, aber ich finde es wichtig, den Pinsel in Bewegung zu halten. Ich habe mir eine Skizze aus dem Skizzenbuch vorgenommen und das Motiv noch einmal auf Hahnemühle  Aquarellpapier versucht. Außerdem noch eine neue Skizze, allerdings war das Papier dieser Doppelseite etwas merkwürdig – die Farbe perlte ständig ab. Vielleicht ist dieses Papier nicht wirklich säure-frei. So wurde die Skizze etwas ´matschig´.

090_2016 Watercolor-Sketches / Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 2 x 21,0 x 14,9 cm

20 thoughts on “Late shift painting

  1. Funny what you cool messy, I call “full of feeling”, my favorite is the first one for many reasons but what I find is really neat is that on the first one in that far window you can see light through some of the boards. Now my question is I know you probably laid down a first layer but how did you ever save those little strips of light? You can save those by hand or did you use masking? I am still undecided about using masking. I sometimes think that I am in too much of a hurry and I can get a better handle on my paintings. Looking at yours, you make it look so easy and well thought out. Did you use a mop brush on these? Okay, enough questions! 🙂 you know me!

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    1. Hi Margaret, thanks so much! I decided from the beginning: I will never use masking fluid or any other helpers for my watercolors. I know that some artist create awesome results with using masking fluids – but for me it would be against my own ´watercolor-philosophy´J I always (almost always) try to spare out some white spots, even if they don´t seem to make much sense. But I am not that good with it yet. Yesterday I saw a painting by a Russian watercolor artist – she was sparing out so much paper white but the colors were so intense and the whole picture was probably painted with 20 brushstrokes – and it was absolutely perfect and taking my breath away. I remember one of your Yuba river paintings where I mentioned, that I like your lights – I think you do that pretty good already. Using masking would be too much effort for me – I am a lazy painter – and using masking fluid or whatever would not be the way of ´effortless painting´ I like. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Amber for your kind comment. I feel honored that you did nominate me for the Liebster Award – but, I am sorry – I am not going to accept it. I did never feel comfy with the idea of chain-letters and it does not make too much sense for me. I really appreciate it when people visit my blog and have fun with my watercolors. But they should just come along the regular way – not because I run one of the 2 million awarded blogs around. I have to follow some rules in my call-center-job for eight hours every day, but beside this I just want to do my stuff without any rules – and this Liebster Award has too many rules for me. I did read a lot about the Liebster Award after your comment, and the more I was reading about it the clearer became my decision. I am not a pro blogger and I don´t have to increase the number of followers in an artificial way. When I enjoy reading another blog ( and I really do enjoy a few) I will recommend them on my blog in my own way. I hope for your understanding that I refuse your invitation and that you will still like my watercolors without that Liebster Award. Cheers!!!

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      1. I totally understand your decision. I almost didn’t accept it myself. At the end of the day I felt like it was a fun way to get to know and interact with some of my fellow bloggers.

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  2. I love the way the you make the most of your work shift to be creative. I have to laugh…my husband is on the night shift, and although I love him alot, I’m always glad when he’s out the door so I can sit and write or work on my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog. It’s not the when but the fact that you DO.

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