Meine heutige Morgen-Übung hat mich noch einmal nach Marburg an die Lahn geführt. Die alten, knorrigen Bäume am Flussufer habe ich schon als Kind geliebt. Bei meinem Trip nach Marburg habe ich in den Lahnauen derart viele Fotos gemacht, dass mir die Motive von dort nicht ausgehen. Mit meinen Darstellungen von Bäumen bin ich außerdem noch lange nicht zufrieden – so sind diese Motive ein willkommenes Experimentierfeld für mich.

152_2016 Watercolor / CANSON / Montval Cold pressed – ca.40 x 30 cm / 15.7 x 11.8 in – ´Am Lahnufer´

9 thoughts on “Morgen-Übung

    1. I decided to go back and read what you wrote and I definitely feel that you have just proven that to paint what you love. I appreciated you relating how you loved those gnarled trees on the river. You painted it with such feeling and insight I swore that it was a plein air, oh I already told you that! I really like it that you let watercolor be watercolor and this is what I love when painters will let the medium come forth. Also the fact that you allowed the paper to work along with the medium, part of that sign and vibrancy coming through. This is a masterpiece in my mind! If you wanting to get better with minimal pencil work and using your brush as the way in….it is working! Perhaps it is a way for you emotionally and painterly to segue into your painting, therefore imparting feeling and a “there” atmosphere. I simply love it!

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